Guideposts to Help You Grow

This is Discipleship by Design. Each guidepost has resource pathways that coincide with what it means to be a 6:3 Disciple.
Discipleship by Design resources help guide you on your spiritual journey.
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The basic concepts for each guidepost are built upon a complete book that is the foundation for the subject matter.


Personally establishing this content can be more beneficial in a coaching group, led by one of our Renewal Coaches.

Small Group Resources

The next step, in living out these concepts, is to guide others to walk along the same paths, in community.
the parchment is torn on the bottom

“Worship-based” Prayer

Transforming Prayer
The Foundation of the 6:3 Disciple. Discover how everything changes when you seek God’s face, and achieve greater personal fulfillment and effectiveness as you take your prayer life from ordinary to extraordinary.

“Good Repute”

The Deeper Life
Satisfy the 8 vital longings of your soul, and bring new intentionality and integrity to your walk with Christ, your relationships, and your ministry efforts.

“Full of the Holy Spirit”

Transforming Presence
Reshape your theology of the Third Person of the Trinity, and learn practical ways to experience His power and leading in your everyday life and ministry.

“Full of Wisdom”​

Transforming Wisdom​
Learn to live wisely in today’s broken world, knowing that God is ready to give us His perfect wisdom. He’s just waiting for us to ask.

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“A pastor friend of mine recently asked me, “Sandy, give me your top three books that'll help me the most in my ministry and in my life personally. This book, The Deeper Life, was one of the books I recommended to him."
Sandy Robertson

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