Transforming Presence

“Full of the Holy Spirit” ...

Discover the transformational, personal, and joyful relationship that comes from meeting the Holy Spirit on His own terms.
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Transforming Presence

Groundwork Book

We sing songs about Him. We’ve seen His name in the Bible. And most of us know he’s a part of the Trinity, but misunderstandings, confusion, and contention abound. And it’s keeping us from the abundant, satisfying life God has for us. The solution? We need a more biblical, more New Covenant understanding of the Holy Spirit.

Transforming Presence walks you through ten vital practices that will help you have a new experience of the Holy Spirit. You’ll learn how our relationship with the Holy Spirit changed from the Old Testament to the New Testament, what common misconceptions of the Holy Spirit are, and how to think, speak, (and sing) rightly about Him.

the parchment is torn on the bottom
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Transforming Presence Coaching

A guided journey in learning to meet the Spirit on His terms.

Everything changed when the New Covenant began. And everything will change, when you come to understand all that means for you.

Let us help you reshape your theology of the Third Person of the Trinity, and give you practical ways to experience His power and leading in everyday life. Our unique process unpacks how to truly understand the Spirit’s role in your life based on the New Testament’s teaching

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