Transforming Weekend

Help your church unlearn bad prayer habits, while embracing Biblical truths and insights that will empower your people to lead a vibrant and satisfying prayer life – both personally and corporately.

As an added bonus, each option includes a time of leadership training to help your leaders continue to shepherd your church into becoming a house of prayer.

Transforming Weekends are a group experience.
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A Weekend of Renewal

Our weekend experience offers several different options, each combining profound, Biblical teaching with a powerful, spiritual experience that will forever change the way your church prays. With two different options to choose from, our Transforming Weekend can be catered to your congregation’s specific area of need.

Each Transforming Weekend Experience Includes:

(Not all apply to Prayer Summit option)

  • Full day seminar based on one of Daniel Henderson’s books (lecture style format)
  • Interactive, Scripture-based, corporate prayer experience(s)
  • Special leadership training time for pastors, staff, and ministry leaders
  • Preaching in weekend worship services (optional)

Also, we highly recommend the following plan for long-term
follow up and application AFTER the Transforming Weekend experience:

  • Small group studies (provided by Strategic Renewal at a special discount for Transforming Weekend congregations).
  • Participation in a pastoral coaching group (also provided at a discount) to give pastoral leaders tools and encouragement for long-term leadership and implementation.
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Transforming Prayer Weekend Experience

Based on Daniel Henderson’s book, Transforming Prayer: How Everything Changes When You Seek God’s Face.

Jesus Christ transforms lives. Yet so many people are discouraged with prayer. Instead of a genuine encounter with God, prayer is little more than a grocery list of requests.

The Transforming Prayer Weekend will help you overcome common barriers to praying effectively, and awaken your prayer life with simple, biblical patterns of prayer. Learn to truly encounter God in prayer every day, as you worship Him through Scripture and by His Spirit. When you experience the profound difference of worship-based prayer, your faith and life will never be the same.

In this practical series, your church will gain valuable insights around these topics:

    • Rethinking Prayer Lists
    • Breaking Bad Prayer Habits
    • More than a Five-Minute Prayer
    • A Vision for Organic Revival
    • Concluding Prayer Experience

Key Audience

Believers, new and mature, who have misgivings about the purpose of prayer and feel a need to gain a better understanding of how prayer can change their lives. This seminar primarily enables Christians for their personal prayer lives but also had a strong component for praying in community.

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The Deeper Life Weekend Experience (coming 2023)

Based on Daniel Henderson’s Book, The Deeper Life: Satisfying the 8 Vital Longings of The Soul

Be known as a person of relevant faith. Escape the fog of daily distractions. Live a more intentional, integrated life!

The Deeper Life Seminar is designed to help you answer the questions that really matter and live an eternally significant
life. Satisfy the ultimate longing of the soul to know God more deeply and live more purposefully.

The Deeper Life will help your church by addressing life’s key questions of:

  • Who is God? (Theology)
  • Who Am I? (Identity)
  • Why Am I Here? (Purpose)
  • What Really Matters? (Values)
  • What Should I Do? (Priorities)
  • How Should I Do It? (Goals)
  • When Should I Do It? (Time)
  • How Will I Finish? (Legacy)

Key Audience

Believers at all levels of spiritual maturity who are looking for a more biblical and meaningful approach to daily renewal and direction in life. Practical tools will provide a greater sense of empowerment for new purpose and impact.

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The Transforming Weekend Prayer Summit Experience

The Most New-Testament Prayer Experience You Will Ever Have!

It is not truly possible to describe a Prayer Summit with words, as many of us have never experienced anything like it.

Far different from the typical prayer meeting or conference, these experiences are an unscripted, extended time of seeking God (akin to the prayer gatherings we see in Acts 2 or Acts 13), whereby we worship together, read Scripture, and edify one another, all with a focus on seeking God and His will for our lives. It’s a remarkable experience that is so personally intimate, yet communal and corporate at the same time. The one thing that we can say is, your church will never pray the same after a prayer summit experience.

Your church will greatly benefit from a Transforming Weekend Prayer Summit experience, if you are desiring to:

  • Take time away from the distractions of life to exclusively seek God
  • Experience corporate prayer in a very natural, organic environment
  • Experience the power of Scripture anew, when combined in a setting of worship and prayer
  • Listen to God in times of solitude and silence
  • Learn to wait on God as a church, and discern His voice
  • Quickly build deep and meaningful relationships with other believes in your church

Key Audience 

Any believer who wants to truly experience a greater reality in prayer in community with other believers.

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“Working with [t]his team, was not just a real discipleship for me… in how a pastor leads a prayer intense life, but how to develop a culture of prayer in the local church.”
Kiké Torres, Horizonte Querétaro | Querétaro, Mexico

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